The Bureau of Applied History

Thank you for responding to our preliminary application exercise -

Congratulations! You have won a place on the Bureau of Applied History’s Agent Training Scheme, a team that includes individuals of all ages, races and genders.

Remember, our ultimate success will depend on your knowledge, your skills and your expertise.

This Bureau’s task is to study the origins of different timelines, and – after the infamous incident of the Ichthyosaurus on London Bridge – with managing relationships between them. We want to build better futures – without any more unfortunate cross-overs!

So, before you take your place, we want you to undertake some trial missions.

Clicking on ‘MISSION ACCEPTED’ will take you to the Bureau’s simulation board. There, you will be faced with a number of real-life past problems – and you will need to solve them.

How will you do this? What advice will you seek as you make crucial decisions that could – did – change the way that history unfolded?

At the end of each mission, you will be asked to debrief – to reflect on the decisions you made and your reasons for making them. Why did you choose the path you did? What information were you not given that you think you needed?

Good luck!